How many corporate accounts do you have?

Tei Gordon, age 13, has fifty.

When you think of an impressive list of corporate accounts you think of multi-national advertising agencies, giant accounting firms and prestigious law firms. Think again. Think of Tei Gordon, a 13-year-old of Corvallis, Oregon. He has fifty corporate clients. “oh,” you say, “He probably delivers newspapers to them or washes cars.” Wrong. He advises them on energy conservation management. Every Monday morning, Tei gets a computer report from NOAA in Washington, made up of weather reports from 220 weather-reporting stations. He then feeds this information by computer to his clients who use it in reviewing the energy consumption of more than 10,000 buildings throughout the nation. Tei’s information aids his clients in maintaining effective energy management. Total time, each week: just two hours. Tei’s future goal is to attend Stanford University where he hopes to study computer sciences and compete on the swimming team. Funds for his college education will come from his thriving business venture.

(The character, courage, intelligence and ingenuity of America’s youth are too rarely recognized. We intend to report on young people’s achievements in this space on a regular basis.)

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(Reprinted from the New York Times Op-Ed page December 13, 1983)



The New York Times

December 13, 1983